What We Do

  • The Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club is a congenial environment where members may discuss issues of mutual concern.

  • We promote candidates, policies, and the ideals of the Democratic Party.
  • We support the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.
  • We provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in a substantive way in the conduct of public affairs.
  • We study and take positions on public policy issues.
  • We track the progress of legislation and administrative actions affecting issues on which the Club has taken a position.
  • We engage in actions to persuade policymakers to support the Club’s positions.
  • We observe the actions of elected officials representing jurisdictions within which members of the Club live.
  • We promote and facilitate voter registration.
  • We educate, we support, we engage, and we have fun!


California Democratic Party is holding elections for Central Committee

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