Our parade order is 14.

9:30 am to noon
Thank you to John Pearson for writing
this eloquent and precise guide!

The Memorial Day Parade in La Cañada is intended to be a nonpartisan expression of gratitude toward the Military Service Men and Women who have made significant sacrifices, often including loss of life, to defend the United States from threats by foreign adversaries.

At the 2023 parade, a group of Republicans were brought in from outside of this area to make a political show of force in support of Trump and claims of a stolen 2020 Presidential election. They were loud, abusive, and disruptive, and did much to degrade and distract from the positive character of the event. They also considerably outnumbered the much smaller group of Democrats present from the Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club (CCDC).

This year parade organizers are making efforts to control offensive and aggressive partisan behavior. The CCDC would like to have a larger group this year, however, not for defensive purposes, but so as to show equal support for our side of the political argument, albeit in a more civil manner.

The parade will start with a flyover about 10:30 am on Monday. Staging for the event will be from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m. on the south side of Foothill Boulevard opposite Memorial Park, near the Verdugo Boulevard intersection. The parade will extend about 0.8 miles east down Foothill Blvd. to Gould Avenue. Democratic marchers so inclined will meet after group photos at Round Table Pizza on the southwest corner of the Gould/Foothill intersection.

Bring water, a hat, and sunscreen.
Please choose clothing with non-partisan, non-provocative messages. No candidate names or campaign statements. Red, white, and blue clothing, images of flags are good.

The parade is “non-partisan.”

The CCDems will have banners, signs, and a rolling donkey.

There are seats available in CCDC’s pick up truck. Notify Suzanne if you need to ride in the truck.
Please do not engage or interact with confrontational people.

Foothill Blvd. will be fully closed from Loma Vista Drive to Gould Avenue. All side streets and driveways to Foothill will also be closed.
Angeles Crest Highway (ACH) will be fully closed from Towncenter to Foothill Boulevard.
If you use ride share or get dropped off, use the address 1434 Foothill Blvd.

Parking is available

(A.) west of the closed portion of Foothill,
(B.) on La Cañada Boulevard north of Memorial Park,
(C.) the Town Center,
(D.) possibly at the Ralph’s Fresh Fare at Foothill & Gould,
(E.) in the park and ride under the 210 at Hampton

What We Do

  • The Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club is a congenial environment where members may discuss issues of mutual concern.

  • We promote candidates, policies, and the ideals of the Democratic Party.
  • We support the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.
  • We provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in a substantive way in the conduct of public affairs.
  • We study and take positions on public policy issues.
  • We track the progress of legislation and administrative actions affecting issues on which the Club has taken a position.
  • We engage in actions to persuade policymakers to support the Club’s positions.
  • We observe the actions of elected officials representing jurisdictions within which members of the Club live.
  • We promote and facilitate voter registration.
  • We educate, we support, we engage, and we have fun!


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