Afghan Refugees


The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping to restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster


We created Viets for Afghans from a simple text chain among friends. and goal to help to find 75 Vietnamese families to temporarily house or host 75 Afghan refugee families. We relate to the trauma Afghans are facing today because we are either refugees ourselves or directly tied to the first-generation refugee experience.

↱Afghan Refugee Relief

Afghan Refugee Relief is a community organization created under the guidance of Nazi Etemadi. She and a small but dedicated team of women have been resettling Afghans in the U.S. for years. With the recent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, this organization was formed to streamline efforts and support the hard work of our community elders.

We are part of a proud coalition of community organizations, local nonprofits, resettlement agencies, religious institutions and passionate volunteers focused on helping refugees, asylum-seekers and humanitarian parolees resettle in Southern California.

What We Do

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