Find and nurture people who show interest and willingness to become organizers.

Community Union Organizers is a peer coaching group that has evolved into a uniquely potent space.

Every week, workers from a range of jobs—primarily retail, hospitality, health care, and education, the dominant industries in our area—get together at the same time, in the same place.

The opening question is always the same: what’s happening in your workplace that you want to address as a rank-and-file organizer?

CUO members offer intelligent questions, reflection, and support.

These regular workers are teaching one another how to become really good rank-and-file organizers.

What makes the process work? The most basic rule is that members show respect and curiosity for one another’s experiences. There is a lot of non-judgmental listening, offering questions, trying out ideas, providing encouragement.

It’s a warm environment, but also sharp and purposeful. We return constantly to the principles of rank-and-file unionism as outlined in Secrets of a Successful Organizer, our “organizing bible.”

We always ask, how are you bringing in more people? How are you promoting discussion and shared decision-making? How are you helping your co-workers act collectively to challenge the boss? We never let up on that focus.
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