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HR 1384 Text is posted

Sense Of Congress.—It is the sense of Congress that tens of millions of people in the United States do not receive healthcare services while billions of dollars that could be spent on providing health care are diverted to profit. There is a moral imperative to correct the massive deficiencies in our current health system and to eliminate profit from the provision of health care.

Refinery 29

The legislation would cover every American — which would mean that Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries would be absorbed under the universal plan — and dictates that employers are banned from offering separate healthcare options. The government-run plan would cover everything from hospital visits and primary care to other benefits such as maternity care, prescription drugs, nursing and lab services, medical devices, and vision and dental coverage. The legislation also says that consumers wouldn’t be required to pay out-of-pocket for any of these services, except for prescription drugs.

NY Mag Intelligencer

Under the Jayapal bill, employers would be banned from offering their own private plans to compete with Medicare. There would be no out-of-pocket cost for medical care, though there would be some subsidized charges for prescription drugs…. The Veterans Health Administration and the Indian Health Service would…continue to operate separately from this new Medicare system.

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