California Democratic Party Convention

The Democratic State Central Committee met in San Francisco May 31-June 2

Who Attended?

Canada Crescenta Democratic Club members represented 2 of the 3 legs of the stool.

For the PLEO leg (Party Leaders, Elected Officials, and their appointments): Club President Lora De La Portilla was appointed by State Senator Anthony Portantino. Her husband attended with a non-voting Observer Pass provided by the Senator. Club Vice President Susan Mastrodemos was appointed by State Assemblymember Laura Friedman. In addition, Membership Chair Suzanne Goldberg attended with a non-voting Observer Pass provided by Laura Friedman.

Carol Fodora attended as a County Central Committee Appointment from Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP).

The third leg, our Assembly District Delegates, did not include CCDC members.

Lora De La Portilla joined Region 12, with the delegates from AD39 (Luz Rivas.) Larry Gross won the the election for Region 12 Regional Director at the Convention.


Self-Identified Female

  • Xitlali Castro
  • Lorena Bernal
  • Cristina Gutierrez
  • Joana Reyes
  • Roxann Nazario
  • Yvonne Mejia Pena
  • Lisa Elizondo

Male/Other than Self-Identified Female

  • Arturo Garcia
  • Alejandro Garcia
  • Ackley Padilla
  • Gibson Nyambura
  • Juan Solario JR.
  • Michael Menjivar
  • Drexel Heard EBOARD REP

Carol Fodera, Susan Mastrodemos, and Suzanne Goldberg joined Region 11, with the delegates from AD43 (Laura Friedman). The election for Region 11 Director was not contested, with Mark Ramos continuing the position.


Self-Identified Female

  • Jenni Chang
  • Rebecca Ninburg
  • Katrina Bergstrom EBOARD REP
  • Arasele Torrez Jimenez
  • Lindsay Nelson
  • Pamela Agustin
  • Chandra Collins

Male/Other than Self-Identified Female

  • Joshua Goodman
  • Armond Aghakhanian
  • Brandon Rey Ramirez
  • Alex Calleros
  • Saro Sandaljian
  • Mike Van Gorder
  • Daniel Brotman


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