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Rusty’s FIRST 100 DAYS

“There are 3 big questions that our Party must answer:
1. How should we fund our Party’s programs in a way that matches our values?
2. How should committees be formed and what should they do?
3. How should the ADEMs process be reformed to ensure we engage as many Democrats as possible in a voting process that is fair, equal, and transparent?
I commit to create 3 ad hoc committees within the first 100 days to answer these questions. Upon completion of each committee’s respective body of work, I will implement the recommended policy changes and propose any necessary bylaws changes at the following Executive Board Meeting.”

California Democratic Party: A Delegate Committee has been formed by Rusty Hicks, chair of the CDP. The Committee will review the purpose and reform the composition of the Party’s nine standing committees. The party’s standing committees are the channels by which decisions are made regarding policy priorities, finances, convention operations and other topics.

The current nine standing committees are: Affirmative Action, Credentials, Finance, Legislation, Organizational Development, Platform, Resolutions, Rules and Voter Services.

In addition, the deadline for applying to join a Standing Committee has been extended to July 1, 2019.

The Committee will be led by Lead Co-Chair Ada Briceño of Orange County and Co-Chairs Kimberly Ellis of Alameda County and Michael Evans of Fresno County.

The 24-delegate committee represents the geographic, ethnic and gender diversity of California’s nine million Democrats; members were intentionally supported without regard to their positions during the 2019 campaign for party chair. Fifty-eight percent the committee’s members are women, 66.6% are people of color, and 37.5% supported candidates other than Hicks for Chair.

LACDP Chair Mark Gonzalez is on the committee.


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