Ballot Measure Qualifies!


Last Friday our initiative to reclaim $12 billion a year for our schools and communities officially qualified for November’s ballot.

This is a truly historic moment. It was made possible by the strength of our statewide grassroots movement and the tremendous efforts of our volunteers who collected signatures.

To celebrate, the Schools & Communities First coalition will be holding a virtual rally on Wednesday, June 10th from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. 

Join us and show your support for our historic ballot measure to reclaim $12 billion a year for our schools and local services!


Despite the conventional wisdom that Prop. 13 was an untouchable “third rail”, you still believed in this campaign. Voters across California will now have the opportunity to close the corporate loophole. It’s finally time to make large corporations pay their fair share and generate stable funding for the services we all rely on.

Passing the Schools & Communities First initiative is now more important than ever. The success of our grassroots campaign is critical to our economic recovery. I hope you can make a contribution to support us as we fight for Calfornia’s future.



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