Join the Cañada Crescenta
Democratic Club today!

The Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club’s membership year runs from January 1 through December 31.  

If you join the club October -December 2021, your membership will include 2022.

Dues remain $35 for individuals and $70 for families.

If financial hardship consideration is needed, please indicate your request for a financial hardship waiver on your hard-copy application/renewal form.

Hard Copy Application

Download and print CCDC Member Application_2020 (PDF)

Include a check (no cash) and send your completed application to:

     Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club
     P.O. Box 321
     La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91012


On-Line Application

 Choose the category that applies to you:

  • $35 Individual
  • $35 Seniors (65 or older)
  • $10 Students (full-time)
  • $70 Family (two persons residing together plus any full-time high school or college student(s)

Join as a “sustaining member” by signing up to make at least 12 monthly contributions of at least $5 ($8 for a family).  

A sustaining membership means no new forms to submit each year. This  ensures your voting privileges will never lapse!

Pleases Note:  ActBlue refers to all payments as “donations.”  But don’t worry – when you submit your application online via ActBlue, your “donation” amount constitutes payment of your membership dues.  Any amount above the standard membership fees as set forth above will be considered traditional donations to the Club.  And,of course, donations are always welcome and always appreciated!