2020 ADEMs: Election for Assembly District Delegates to California Democratic Party

Information About the Election

Assembly District Delegates represent their District in the California Democratic Party. The delegates we elect will be our community’s voice at the state level. They vote on endorsements of candidates, ballot measures, and the platform and leaders of the state party, driving the CDP’s mission, priorities, and focus.
Only registered Democrats can vote in the election. The election is conducted by the CDP. This year, the election is 100% Vote By Mail.
Please request a ballot from the California Democratic Party before Jan 11.
You will receive a postage paid return envelope. Fill it out your ballot and return it by mail so that it is received by the CADEM Los Angeles or Sacramento PO BOX address no later than January 27, 2021. 

Information About the Candidates

Canada Crescenta Democratic Club members are actively engaged at the state and local level. We have four members who are candidates for Assembly District Delegate in Assembly District 43.

Current Slates

A slate is a group of candidates that run in multi-seat elections on a common platform. Your ballot will show the individual names, not the slates. 

 Club members Desiree Portillo Rabinov & Susan Mastrodemos are members of the Forward 43 Slate.  Club members Caroline Anderson and Sean Russell are members of the Diverse Dems for Change slate.

Forward 43

FORWARD 43 Will Fight For:
✓ An accessible, accountable, & inclusive party
✓ Housing, healthcare, & education as human rights
✓ Racial justice & reimagining public safety
✓ A Green New Deal for California
✓ Protecting and Empowering workers

Our slate is made up of activists who have dedicated their lives to defending the rights of all people.  Our platform is detailed, thoughtful, and progressive.



Desiree Portillo Rabinov

Joined CCDC  11/8/2020

Glendale College Trustee

I’m a resident of La Crescenta for thirty years, raised my family, and continued volunteering in the community to improve our access to public transportation, expansion of park space, street safety improvements, and development of a bike lane network. 

I am a Senior Transportation Planning Manager at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA. I have worked for twenty-nine years as a lead manager for Transit-Oriented Development Planning Grant Program overseeing a $25 million budget. Additionally, I managed the Active Transportation bicycle design and training and streetscape grant and implementation program. Directed the Transit Orange Line Corridor Development studies along transit stops/stations and a founding team architect for the SB 375 Sustainability transportation program. I also received a commendation for my innovative leadership in transportation demand management strategies at Metrolink stations.

My volunteer experience spans over thirty years. I was elected in March 2020 to serve on the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees, District 1, in a public governance position for four years. I am currently serving as a councilmember since 2014 and is Chair of the Streets and Transportation Committee for the Crescenta Valley Town Council to improve connectivity to public transit, implemented bicycle lanes and medians, and am establishing Safe Routes to School Plan. I am past president and founding member of the National Women’s Political Caucus-Los Angeles Metro Chapter established in 1991. I serve as a co-chair for the California Advisory Board for the Trust for Public Lands to create park space in park-poor communities and expand open space. I am also a member and former program Chair of “Live your Dream” award to support women’s education goals for Glendale’s Soroptimist International.

Additionally, I served for five years as an Executive Cabinet Leader for the United Way pathways out of poverty program and formally a finance committee member of the San Gabriel Valley Civic Alliance to bridge public and private partnerships. I was a co-founder of Project Amiga, a non-profit organization in San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles dedicated to assisting young at-risk women, men, and their families through bilingual and bicultural services in life skills education and vocational training over the past 19 years. And I was recognized for my work in the Boyle Heights Community Beautification program for implementing pocket parks and community gardens. Early in my career, I  also served as National President of Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional to provide scholarships to disadvantaged Latina students and housing for at-risk emancipated young women.

As a delegate of AD 43 four years ago, I gained the experience in providing input into the process that reflects our community vision and issues ranging on affordable housing, transportation, and education. Serving as a Trustee for Glendale Community College, I understand the policy issues facing affordability, diversity, DACA, and technology to access public education.

My experience will bring value to AD 43 to advance our economy, education, and quality of life.

Susan Mastrodemos

Joined CCDC for the second time in Dec 2016

I am on the Executive Board of the Canada Crescenta Dem Club, serving as VP & Social Media Chair since 2016. I am an active member of the La Canada Huddle & Crescenta Valley Indivisible. I have been an Associate member of LACDP (non-voting) since 2016, & I participate in Regional meetings & endorsements. I was an appointed Delegate to CADem 2018-20. I joined three caucuses: environmental, rural, & women’s. I also participate in CADem regional meetings.

My political campaigns are primarily GOTV. Our local group wrote and sent 20,000 postcards through an NAACP program to voters who had been unjustly purged from the voting rolls in their State. During 2020 Early Voting & Voting, I was a Voter Hotline Volunteer for the Dem Party of Texas, & a Ballot Cure Hotline Volunteer for the Dem Party of Iowa.

I am a lifelong Democrat. I have lived in AD43 for 20 years.

As a member of the Forward43 slate, I am fighting for:

An accessible & accountable party

I am running for assembly district delegate to the California Democratic Party because if we want the Democratic Party to be more like us, we need to be active in the Party. As a delegate to the Party, I will channel your thoughts and suggestions to the Party; and I will report back to you what the Party is doing & thinking about.

All donations to the Party & all Party expenditures must be disclosed. Industry lobbyists & dark money PACs must publish the source of their funding.

The California Democratic Party must not accept donations from industries that are harmful to people & the environment: private prison & detention, weapon manufacturing, & fossil fuel and resource extractive industries.

The Democratic Party should not endorse incumbents who favor lobbyists and industry associates. Each district has its own shade of blue, but the Party should not endorse Democrat incumbents who caucus with Republicans.

The California Democratic Party must build a strong bench, supporting and developing candidates from the grassroots level. Contest every opening!

Housing, Healthcare, and Education as basic human rights

The ravaging COVID pandemic shows us that our safety net is fragile and incomplete.

We must Build Back Better!

Government must be an agent to create public well-being and encourage economic growth. Our schools must be well funded & well-led.

California must innovate Farm to Table programs that support agriculture and deliver fresh food to schools, charities, & families.

California must innovate single payer universal health care for all residents.

I support public broadband that reaches every home and public space in California, to enable distance learning, telemedicine, and collaboration.

Empowering our community

California is great because of the vast diversity of our people.

Every public entity should include BIPOC, disabled, LBGTQ+, people of every faith and age group.

Police must be demilitarized. Gov’t entities must renegotiate contracts with police unions so that police agencies handle their own discipline and record keeping. Community oversight of police must have subpoena power.

Diverse Dems for Change

We support public schools, racial justice, public health, workers’ dignity & equal pay, women’s & LGBTQ equality, climate action & environmental protection, respect for immigrants, healthcare as a human right, housing for all & an end to gun violence.


Caroline Anderson

Joined CCDC 12/18/2020:

I have been a resident of the 43rd district for over 40 years. When my children started school 9 years ago, I became very involved in our schools and community. I have served on the PTA Board at the elementary, middle school and council level and I am currently the PTA President at Palm Crest Elementary School in La Cañada.I served six years as a Director of the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation including one year as its President. In this role I was able to help our district raise over $12 million. I was recently elected to the La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board and am looking forward to continuing to be a voice for our students, parents and teachers. In the community, I am a member of the La Cañada Juniors Women’s Club, the La Cañada Chinese Club, a member of the Kiwanis Club of La Cañada, and a member of the National Women’s Political Caucus-Greater Pasadena. I am eager to bring my grassroots energy to policy decisions that best advance the interests of the 43rd District.

Sean Russell

Joined CCDC  12/29/2020:

I grew up gazing at the beautiful mountains we are nestled in, you could find me staring out the car window on the way to school. I began my understanding of the area at Mountain Avenue Elementary, then it was off to Rosemont Middle School, until I was finally in the big leagues at Crescenta Valley High School. While at CV, my understanding and appreciation for this community flourished. Following my Mother’s footsteps, I joined CV’s PTSA board, grasping the intricacies of PTA and challenges facing our community. I then went on to join our local Youth and Government of the foothills! My time in Y&G gave me the opportunity to build knowledge of local and state government, improve upon my leadership ability, and make wonderful friends along the way. While I now study International Relations at American University in Washington,  D.C, I could never forget my foundations. So much so that I pursued working with Representative Adam Schiff at his office in D.C. this past January!

But the real question, why should you vote for me? Because I listen. I weigh all sides, think decisions through, and create consensus amongst a diversity of perspectives. I believe I am worth your vote because I see the present as the opportunity to create a better future. We have decisions to make, conversations to continue, and a community to cultivate. I am Sean Russell, and I am running to be a delegate for the California Democratic party 43rd District Assembly. I would be honored to receive your vote. 

Also, here is a link to the best online page to find me (my LinkedIn): www.linkedin.com/in/seanmrussell