Letters to the Editor Opposing the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom

Governor Newsom at CADem Convention

“Just a year ago, a once-in-a-century pandemic arrived on our shores. As Donald Trump did his very best to ignore the realities of COVID-19, we in California took a different path – one paved by leadership, health and science.

Californians’ hard work and sacrifice saved countless lives, and now all that effort is paying off. California has distributed over 29 million vaccines – more than all but 5 countries. We are vaccinating communities that other states are leaving behind – communities of color, low-income families, and those most at risk. We are on our way to defeating this virus.

California isn’t crawling back. We are roaring back. But when this pandemic ends, we’re not going back to normal. Normal was never good enough. We are leveraging this once in a lifetime moment to ensure every Californian – regardless of their race or zip code – can live a healthy and prosperous life.

During this crisis, California has invested more than ever before in assistance programs that lift families from poverty to prosperity. We expanded access to healthcare like never before. We created the largest small business grant program in the country. We housed more unhoused residents than at any time in our history. And, now with the help of the Biden-Harris Administration, California is poised to put our fight against inequality and climate change into overdrive.


But national Republicans and extreme right wingers aren’t sitting back. They are throwing everything they can at their recall power grab – all in hopes of rolling back the important progress we have made. We can’t let them win.”

What can you do?

  • Inform your community.
  • Be a voice of common sense.
  • Become a resource for people who don’t follow the news closely.
  • Support the Governor & the Democratic Party.

Get started with messaging.

Writing a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor must be brief and get the point across clearly. 

You should use a word processing software that counts the words. Sometimes the word count is under “Tools” and sometimes it is under “Document Statistics.” 

Start with the templates that we have included here. Edit the templates to make them personal. Use the name of your own town, your own history, and knowledge of your community. 

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Publishing a Letter to the Editor

Find a newspaper that you know well, which is distributed locally. 

For example:

In the Crescenta Valley Weekly, staff phone numbers and email addresses are listed on “About Us” link. 

Call one of the reporters or the publisher and explain that you want to submit a Letter to the Editor. 

They will describe the guidelines and process. You can use the “Contact Us” form.

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Templates for LTE

-(equitable) vaccine distribution


In early December 2020, not a single Californian had received a dose of COVID vaccine. Today, over one-third of Californians have received a dose or more of the vaccine – almost twice the national average. While Governor Newsom, county health officials and frontline health workers have been working overtime to speed up equitable vaccine distribution to vulnerable populations, right-wing spoil sports have been gathering signatures to force a recall. The last thing California needs right now is an expensive, divisive special election. I’m glad Governor Newsom is focused on what matters most: saving the lives of Californians.  



-small business relief, 


As a small business owner, I’ve done my part to protect the health of my employees and customers: requiring masks, social distancing and sanitization in my workplace throughout COVID. I’m thankful to Governor Newsom and the CA legislature for approving an additional $2.1 billion for the California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program, in late February. Thanks to California’s combined efforts, the recovery is in sight. Unfortunately, a small but loudmouthed crowd of anti-maskers and Republican sore losers has now forced the state to endure a divisive recall campaign. I expect Governor Newsom, and voters, will stay focused on what matters most: helping California’s economy recover and prosper.


-reopening schools, 


As a parent of young school children, I’m not going to lie: the last year has been tough. Protecting my family’s health while keeping my kids engaged and learning often felt impossible. I don’t agree with every decision Governor Newsom made, but I know we had the same priorities: preventing the spread of COVID while working to reopen schools. You know who doesn’t share my priorities? The COVID-denying, anti-mask-wearing yahoos trying to replace Newsom in an undemocratic recall election. The same people who raged against responsible shut-down orders now want to install a right wing Republican as Governor? No thank you. I’ll drop my kids off at school on the way to voting against this dumb recall.


-helping working families


The more I read about Governors in Texas and Indiana lifting their mask mandates, the more thankful I am that California has a responsible leader in Governor Newsom. In my family, my son works at a grocery store, and my wife is a hairdresser. They need the protection of customers and staff wearing masks to safely do their jobs. I’m appalled at the extremist anti-mask crowd trying to recall Governor Newsom. Their recklessness has already cost countless lives; now they also want to cost the state over 80 million dollars to hold an undemocratic special election. In my working family, we’ll be voting against the recall and for continued science-based leadership that protects our loved ones on the front lines.


-larger theme of the recall being pro-Trump, he was not re-elected and no longer in office, when is this going to end, etc.


On January 6th, pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overturn a fair election. Today, California’s anti-mask crowd is staging its own undemocratic “do-over” by trying to recall Governor Newsom. Republicans haven’t held statewide office in California since 2010. That’s why they are spending millions to force a recall election: a right-wing candidate could receive fewer votes than Newsom, and still become Governor. Maybe if Republicans want to win elections in California, they should try changing their message? Until then, we should crush this insurrection and support our fairly elected Governor.


-Maybe the theme of this recall effort being partisan, rather than bi-partisan, and continuing to attempt to overturn elections.


The anti-mask Republican extremists trying to recall Governor Newsom want us to believe there is a broad-based movement against him. Funny, the most recent polling by the Public Policy Institute of California shows only 40% of California voters want to remove him. Lo and behold, that’s the same percentage of voters who supported Republican John Cox in the 2018 Gubernatorial election. The same minority of voters who voted against Newsom now wants a do-over. No thanks – we’ll stick with democracy.


-From the CADEM Template

The National Republicans have found their latest scheme to rile up the Trump base and try to stop California’s efforts to fight the pandemic – recalling Governor Gavin Newsom. Rather than supporting Californian’s recovery from the pandemic, Republicans are choosing to shift the focus and attention away from those who need it the most. California should be focusing on equitable vaccination distribution, small business relief, reopening schools and helping working families. Instead, our state is being disrupted by far-right extremist groups who want to disrupt and divide Californians.


Cindy’s Letter to LA Times 4/7/21

Thinking about Caitlyn Jenner running for Governor just reminds me how desperate the Republicans are to overturn elections.  Governor Newsom was elected in 2018, pre COVID, with 62% of the vote.  A recent March poll by the Public Policy Institute of California showed that more than half of voters approve of the job he has been doing.  And the situation is getting even better.  We’re getting vaccinated.  The state is getting very large stimulus funds. Yet Republicans are spending millions to force a recall election: a right-wing candidate, maybe even Jenner, could receive fewer votes than Newsom, and still become Governor. That is not democratic.  But it’s a way a Republican can win a state-wide race here.  The message is clear.  This recall effort should be crushed, and I am already working hard to support our fairly elected Governor.

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